Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Strangers Who’d Understand Me And My Mission, Or; My Possible Past / Future Incarnations.

It’s hard to explain what exactly drives me to commit mundane mischief, and I realize that some people just won’t get it, but here are some who would:

  • Amélie Poulain, freeing ordinary people from their lives by stealing garden gnomes and composing fictitious love letters.
  • Willard Wigan, a man who makes houses for ants… that don’t have poison in them.
  • Butoh dancers, heaving themselves across stages, half-naked and grimacing like demons, while they render and transmute death, sex, and suffering—all for our pleasure, disgust, and enlightenment.

  • A playful level 4 Poltergeist, not setting things on fire, but maybe just moving stuff and giggling.

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