Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Ressurection

Here the blog comes again to life.  There will of course be new posts, but also additions and revisions to old posts.  This blog becomes what it was always meant to.  Riskier, unbound by my fears.  Every post I have written in my head for the past month is a reflection of exactly what I meant to combat by keeping this web log.  I am tired of holding back in my own life-- for no reason.  And this post is no model post, but at least if I start writing something again, I've jumped back in.  I want to expand the mission of the blog as a way of healing myself and becoming the person my blog thinks I am.  I would never admit it, but I stopped this because I gave up.  Today is a day to confront denials and a day to get in the face of strangers that are doing the same thing.